Custom Foot Orthotics Adelaide

Custom Orthotic Options

Orthotics can be used to help manage a number of foot and lower leg conditions. Tripod Podiatry offer 3 different ranges to suit your individual needs for orthotics Adelaide.  These ranges are:

  • Fully Custom Orthotics
  • Semi Custom Orthotics
  • Express Orthotics

The Podiatrists at Tripod Podiatry will perform a thorough assessment of your condition, including history, physical assessment and video analysis of your walking and/or running mechanics. Following this assessment they will be able to discuss the most appropriate orthotic options for your individual management.

Fully Custom Orthotics

These are manufactured based on a 3D digital scan of your foot. The orthotics can be customised to provide the exact level of support required for your individual needs. Fully custom orthotics are able to be made to fit specific footwear, including difficult to fit options such as sandals, football boots and cycling shoes. They can be made out of a wide variety of materials including EVA foam, polypropylene and carbon fibre. Fully customised orthotics are typically the preferred option where orthotics are indicated in management, but particularly where high level of correction and fit into specific footwear is the primary focus in management.

Laser 3D Foot Scanner

Semi Custom Orthotics

These are manufactured in the same process as fully custom orthotics but instead of using an actual scan of your foot, a ‘best fit’ template that best matches your foot size and shape is used to manufacture your orthotic. These can work well in cases where mild to moderate levels of correction to your foot function are required and may be an option in cases when the cost of fully custom orthotics is a barrier.

semi custom orthotics adelaide

Premade Orthotics

These come pre-manufactured based on a simple size and shape template and are made out of moderate density EVA foam similar to that found in running shoes. They offer light support for those needing minimal correction of their foot function. Prefabricated orthotics are available in 3/4 and full length options but with very little options to customise the function of the device.

Premade Orthotic Adelaide
Premade Orthtoic Adelaide